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it is a chess and checker like board game to scratch your brain
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Brain Block’s Logication is a board game. It is designed and developed by Brain Block Interactive especially for those gamers who love to play board games like Chess, checkers etc. When you play this game then it you will feel it sometimes like Chess or checkers games but it is a lot more interesting and challenging game. It is wildly addictive n so you can’t forget to play this game daily for hours. It is a brain explorer game so who like to play brainy games then this game is perfect one for them. By using this game anybody can make their mind sharper with its mind scratching different levels of difficulties. Brain Block’s Logication game has attractive graphics and colors and it is very smooth on eyes also. So even after playing Logication for hours your eyes will not complaint. Logication also come with background music and sound to make your gaming experience more attractive. Of course you can switch off the background music and sound even you can change the different sounds file with your own from its games options window and changing color of logicators for each player is also possible. You can play this game with computer with different expertise level or if you want to play this game with your friend then it is also possible because it has a net play option. It has small pieces called logicators of different shapes and different movement capabilities just like different pieces available in Chess with different movement power like forward, backward, left, right, diagonally forward left and right and diagonally backward left and right. The movement power of each logicator can easily be detected by its shape and you can move these logicators with your mouse.

Manoj Goel
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  • More then 75 levels
  • 75 game pieces
  • Level editor
  • One-on-one net play option


  • Not a freeware
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